Current Projects


The project will provide participants with the creative tools to explore loss and what matters in life – what we would like to be remembered for, what we remember others for, what we celebrate about individual lives and what we each contribute. Based around the origins of the word memento – ‘remember that you will die’ – workshops are adapted sensitively to facilitate distance creative responses.


Tree is a contemporary dance platform open to dance artists who have previous choreographic experience but have had time away and wish to return to the pratice and/or the experienced artist who has always wanted to create work but not had the opportunity to offer their work in a contemporary dance setting.

Museum Dances

Based upon one of Bristol Museum’s current exhibitions ‘Death: The Human Experience’ groups have created short pieces as a reflexion on the cultural, spiritual and ethical issues surrounding death. With a mature approach to a somewhat taboo subject, the students have created thought provoking and poignant dance pieces to compliment the exhibition and further encourage conversations about a subject that as a society we are reluctant to talk about.

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