3rd Stage values all dancers regardless of their training, how long you’ve been out of performing and whatever contemporary style you bring to the table. They work with the individual’s strengths and style. It is also a great way of bringing together freelance dance practitioners in a social way, as it can be quite isolating working on your own most of the time.



3rd Stage is a joy! I recently moved back to the area and it has been wonderful to meet with other dancers who have had similar experiences and lead a similar way of life to me. I went along to a free Day of Dance, which is where I was initially introduced to 3rd Stage. I thought the day was excellent, not only in the standard of classes but the company were extremely welcoming and supportive. It was wonderful to meet with other dance artists in the area that share a similar outlook, training and vision. From this networking day, I was asked to join the company and perform at The Tobacco factory in Bristol. This was a lovely experience to work with a choreographer and to collaborate with musicians and the other dancers in the company who are all successful in their own right. I sometimes find freelancing can be lonely and 3rd Stage as given me new friends and contacts as well as the opportunity to perform, take part in classes and feel part of something special. Thank you.



It’s one of a kind. I think the ethos is important. I think the dancers they bring on board need it in their lives. There is a huge sense of community and family and helping each other to survive in the business. They work hard but also remember that we dance for  the enjoyment, the friendship, the fun.



I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for 3rd Stage.   I am hugely thankful for the happiness, confidence, friendship and endless opportunities it brings.



Without 3rd Stage I would not have reached the place that enabled me to say for the first time in twenty years, ‘I am a dancer’.



I love feeling part of a family of beautiful skilled dancers, that work creatively, without judgment and with heaps of encouragement, who understand being a dancer, but not living the ‘professional’ dancer’s life. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to perform on stage again and go to regular local dance classes. 3rd Stage are definitely to credit for me rediscovering dance, and feeling like I can be a dancer.

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