For some returning dancers, choreography is the most important opportunity that 3rd Stage provides. Working with proficient artists either to initiate personal ideas or develop 3rd Stage repertoire is a unique and valuable experience. 3rd Stage Choreographers are currently developing work across a diversity of contexts, ranging from Screendance, Site-Specific Work to dance made for theatre viewing. 3rd Stage also provides these artists with the experience of developing choreography for community dance based projects.

3rd Stage has also become a platform for experienced external choreographers to create works. The company recently worked with Adventures in Motion Pictures Kerry Biggin.

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3rd Stage Repertoire


Choreography by Luke Antysz, Polly Robertson and Sara Mather

Music by Tracy Chapman, Dustin O’Halloran, Zero 7, Roger Tarry and The Bower Brothers

An elegant creation stemming from a study of words and their meaning, from a single short message to an interpretation of an entire story. Focussing on how we as humans view words, the very shaping of their form, the meanings and memories they evoke from us and the power of words unspoken.

The Parting

Choreography by Kerry Biggin

Music by The Bower Brothers

A tender and emotive piece surrounding the subject of loss. How do we try to cope following the loss of a loved one? How do we offer support to those in their hour of need? How do we ever overcome the feelings of despair? This work makes a sensitive exploration of our emotions and actions when at our most vulnerable.

Piano Moves

Choreography by 3rd Stage Company Dancers

Music by Scolding, Turner, Debussy, Sculthorpe and Tiersen

Intriguing contemporary and classical dance interpretations of live piano studies. Short stories of memories are told and played out alongside beautiful, live piano accompaniment. Initiated by Turner’s research into dementia and a struggle of telling a story, Piano Moves encourages the story telling through choreography and dance.

In My Mind

Choreography by Steve Johnstone

A piece created about the acts of random threads of thought that so often occur in our lives.

Never Brought To Mind

Choreography by 3rd Stage Company Dancers

Music by Ryan O’Reilly

Accompanied by live music from The Ryan O’Reilly Band, this piece looks at short stories of individuals, couples and groups, inspired by a variety of songs and the stories told within them. With harmonies that find their way through every bone in your body and sound so sweet they nurture your soul, we see the identities of apparent strangers waiting at a train station weaving into each other’s lives.

Dream Me a Story

Choreography by 3rd Stage Company Dancers

Music by Scolding, Shaw, Bower Brothers

A bed on the stage, and a girl asleep is the centre of the work in Dream Me a Story. Live performance works weave in and out of dance on screen. The journey of the night takes us in and out of deep and REM sleep, showing us an insight into the complicated dream patterns we experience at night.

Seen by Scene

Choreography by 3rd Stage Dance Company dancers

Music by Bower Brothers

A detective tries to find answers. A man is found murdered. Photographic evidence assists the detective in working out the mystery. Who is the murderer? A murder story to film score music using large photography slides by photographer Dan Chung.

From Outside In

Choreography by 3rd Stage Dance Company Dancers

Music by Simon Crockett, Bower Brothers, Shaw

A busy city bar, gambling, gangs, love stories and waitresses to fuel the emotions with liquor. The lives of the ‘regulars’ come to light and we learn what brings them to the bar each night.

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