The Journey

Thank you to all of you who came to see and support Mementos – The Journey, you were a great audience. Thank you also to everyone who assisted in putting the production together.

Everyone worked so hard, putting the hours in, for no pay, but for a chance to make sure that dance remains accessible to audiences and to keep dancers dancing. And that, is very awesome indeed!

“Mementos – Remember one day you will die.”

How do we say goodbye to those we’ve lost?

3rd Stage Dance Company presents Mementos – The Journey, a visually gripping exploration of a subject that is often considered taboo. The dancers explore and understand the insight of how different cultures process losing those close to them, and how death features as a key chapter in one’s life.

An evening of thought and divine movement, questioning what happens when we die, and how it feels to celebrate. From the dark, through to the light, this ambitious dance searches the spaces from the negatives to the positives. An explosion of a cultural journey, guided through touching music produced by the Bower Brothers and led by movement technique close to it’s classical roots.

A journey of life, loss, love and uplifting celebration.

The evening will include a film showing of The Parting, a screen dance piece exploring the stages of loss, and a talk by John Troyer, Director of the Centre for Death and Society, University of Bath. This will introduce our minds to the subject of the evening and show the beautiful journey of Mementos and how 3rd Stage Dance began the process of Mementos back in 2015.


Director/Choreographer: Polly Crockett-Robertson, Anna Heighway, Helen Wilson

Visual/Lighting Design: Richard Fagan

Original Music by: Bower Brothers

Dancers: Sara Mather, Jodie Fry, Jude Whitburn, Garth Naude, Luke Antysz, Steve Johnstone, Joel Daniel, Sarah Alexander, Joanna Beesley, Hannily Bendell, Kim Jones, Emily Brown, Tia Hancy, Vicky Crocker, Polly Crockett-Robertson, Batel Magen

Exploring the chapter of our life that is often considered taboo, 3rd Stage open up rituals and understandings of how different cultures process losing those close to them, and how death makes us question what happens when we die.

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