Our dance on film is an opportunity to continuously provide a space and a tool where new dance can always be possible.

We like to create narratives or styles within our dance that is especially for the camera or screen where choreography and screen practice fit together. Thinking closely about the invention of movement that exists on a screen encourages us to think about our dance in a very different way. We find our dance on film a useful learning tool. We can re-visit our work time and time again, fuelling our imagination for further work on the stage, pushing the impossible in to the possible. It remains a continuous avenue for our creative urges and working closely with film makers pushes our knowledge further into creating dance for camera. The merging of two distinct disciplines; dance and film produces an innovative relationship between body and subject, the camera and the editing.

We have been honoured to work with film makers Paul Dudbridge of Hanover Pictures and Grant Pollard.

In-House Screendance Production

3rd Stage dancers and choreographers come from a whole host of backgrounds. As a result, we are lucky enough to include graphic designers, copy editors, musicians, vocalists, TV freelancers and photographers to our collaborative melting pot. This plethora of talents, teamed with a crazy passion for dance, leads some of its community towards an interest in screendance production. 3rd Stage subsequently offers a supportive environment for its members to develop screendance work across a variety of contexts.

Collaborations with external film-makers

As a company invested in interdisciplinary collaboration, we are often approached by external film makers with an interest in this field.   Our contribution to these kinds of projects vary from devising choreography for the lens to the provision of dancers.

Please continue to check our web-site for links to Screendance projects.


No Idea Complete

No Idea Complete is 3rd Stage’s first collaboration with composer Jo Butler. The film evolved from fragmentary conversations between the composer and Polly Crockett-Robertson about projects that have never been completed. No Idea Complete is currently showing daily on Bristol BigScreen.

Rise & Shine

We are delighted that our Joie de Vivre Short Film winning film, “Rise & Shine” (Pavilion Dance South West), was screened with the performance of Company of Elders at 6pm on 18th and 19th March 2016 at Sadlers Wells.

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