There are many reasons why people come to our classes, from developing their technique, conditioning the body, honing performance skills, making friends or often, just to have a proper good dance. 3rd Stage Dance Company values the hour or so that you take out of your busy lives to pursue these goals. We strive to cater to this breadth of convictions through high-quality classes that enable you to develop the necessary technical skills through choreography that really allows you to move.

Our classes are full of people who one way or another, love to dance but for whom a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere is vital. As a result, those who regularly attend 3rd Stage Classes find themselves progressing quickly, whilst smiling all the while.

At present, we offer Contemporary and Ballet classes to adults (16yrs-no upper limit!) in Bristol and Bath. These classes cater to a variety of different levels. Please see the level descriptors below the timetable to see which class is suitable for you. If you still feel unsure, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to give more guidance.

Class Timetable

All dance classes are £35 for a block of 6 consecutive classes or £7 per drop in class.

Discounts for students with valid NUS card

Tel: +44 (0) 7717 070 462


11.45 am

Beginners Ballet

DanceSpace Bristol, The Island, BS1 2AG

12.45 pm

Advanced Ballet

DanceSpace Bristol, The Island, BS1 2AG

6.15 pm

Open Contemporary

The Southbank Club, Dean Lane, Bedminster, BS3 1DB


Beginners & Intermediate Ballet

We are still looking for a new venue


6.45 pm

Open Contemporary

La Scala Dance Studios, Bath BA2 3LH


8.00 pm

Intermediate Ballet

DanceSpace Bristol, The Island, BS1 2AG


6.30 pm

Open Contemporary

DanceSpace Bristol, The Island, BS1 2AG


11.15 am

Seniors Ballet (for those 55+)

The Station, Dance Studio, Silver Studio, Bristol, BS1 2AG

6.00 pm

Beginners Contemporary

The Station, Dance Studio, Silver Studio, Bristol, BS1 2AG


3Motion, Community Performance Company

Bath and Bristol

Let us know if you'd like to join!

Level descriptors

Beginners Ballet

This level is suitable for the total beginner, or those who are wishing to return to ballet after time away. It can also be beneficial to dancers who wish to rehabilitate from injury.  Most of the class takes place at the barre so that strength and posture can be developed prior to progressing onto the demands of centre work.

Intermediate Ballet

Intermediate level classes are suitable for those who have attended beginners classes and who are ready for a greater challenge. They are also suitable for more experienced dancers who are looking to have a good dance whilst being able to really concentrate on improving work and gaining strength.

Advanced Ballet

Fully comprehensive ballet class designed for those with an existing strong classical technique who wish to develop their skills.

General level Contemporary

Classes are levelled to suit dancers from beginners to advanced. They offer participants the chance to develop technique and performance skills in an inspiring, supportive environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't danced in a while. Will these classes be ok for me?

These classes are exactly where you need to be! This is what 3rd Stage classes are all about. Coming back to dance can be a daunting prospect for many reasons. However, the supportive, non-competitive ethos that drives 3rd Stage Dance Company  means that you can ease yourself back into class with the certainty that no one is judging you. It’s all about taking things at your own pace and tuning into yourself as you start to move again. The teachers themselves may well have found themselves in the same position as you at some point  in their lives. They understand and are there to make the transition safe, fun and of a high-quality.

What do I need to wear?

Wear something loose and preferably breathable. Try not to wear anything that trails under your feet as we want you to be safe.  In terms of footwear, it is your choice. Ballet shoes, socks or bare feet are fine for any of the genres of class offered.

I have never danced before. Will 3rd Stage classes be too difficult for me?

We have many beginners coming to our classes, but they never stay that way for long! If you want to pursue Ballet as a beginner, the ‘Beginners’ classes are the best place to start so that the proper placement, alignment and codified exercises can be introduced to you at a slower pace. If you are a beginner and would like to learn Contemporary dance, you should try the general level classes. These classes cater to  a broad spectrum of abilities and 3rd stage teachers are experienced in designing their classes with differentiation in mind.

I am an advanced practitioner looking for classes in the area. Does 3rd Stage have any classes that cater to higher level students?

Advanced Ballet practitioners should head to Sara’s advanced classes, although Jude’s Intermediate lessons would also be worth a try. As an advanced practitioner of Contemporary Dance, you should try our general level classes.  They aim to offer a high level of technical engagement and will give you plenty to think about no matter what level of experience you bring with you. We also offer classes for advanced practitioners several times a term. The dates for these will be posted on our web-site or via social media. Please keep checking for updates.

Do I have to pay for a block of classes or can I drop in?

Classes are offered at a drop-in rate of £6. You can save a bit of cash however, by purchasing a carnet. These are £30 and cover six classes.  If you would like to purchase one, you can do this via your teacher at the end of class.

Where are the classes held?

Our classes are held in Bristol and Bath. Please see the class timetable for venue addresses. Here are some tips that may make finding your classes that bit easier.

La Scala, Oldfield Park, Bath:  The studio is above the Co-op.  Go into the store via the entrance that opens onto Shaftesbury Avenue. You will see a set of stairs on the left as you enter. The studio is on the first floor. We are currently using the back two studios. To get to these, you will have to walk through the main studio area.  (There is a door in the right-hand corner along the back wall) There may be a class in session, but please don’t worry, you are meant to walk through this area. . You will find us in the rear studio at the end of corridor.

Can I park at the studios?

There is free off-street parking in the streets around La Scala, The Big Act Studios and the Southbank Studio.  Parking at the Island is a bit trickier as it is in the center of Bristol, however there are multi-stories with in close proximity.

Will there be opportunities for me to get involved in performance?

Of course! Please refer to our 3Motion page for further information.

Do the classes run throughout the year? How will I know if there has been a cancellation?

We aim to offer classes as consistently as possible, although there will be times when teachers need a break. If classes are not running, we will always post this information on our noticeboard and on Facebook.

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